Sermon series

Ponder This - 2003

The Keys to the Cell

December 28, 2003

THE KEYS TO THE CELL by Ray Pritchard The man hugged me and wouldn’t let go. “For the first time in a long time, I listened today and I heard what you said.” He told me that some friends came to see him and told him the truth. They were taking a big risk because they didn’t know how he would respond. It wasn’t goo…

Mystery & Wonder at Christmastime

December 21, 2003

MYSTERY & WONDER AT CHRISTMASTIME by Ray Pritchard Christmas has been slow in coming this year. Maybe that’s a statement about me personally, but I think it’s more than that. It’s almost as if the whole nation has been busy and distracted and we almost forgot that a special occasion is just around the corner. But now, at la…

Cut It Down and Forget About It

December 14, 2003

CUT IT DOWN AND FORGET ABOUT IT by Ray Pritchard Here are two stories to ponder. One comes from the Civil War, the other from the Vietnam War. In Charles Bracelen Flood’s book Lee: The Last Years, he tells of a time after the Civil War when Robert E. Lee visited a woman who took him to the remains of a grand old tree in fro…

Written in the Heart

December 7, 2003

WRITTEN IN THE HEART by Ray Pritchard No statement is regarded as more elementary to the student of the Bible than the statement that a day of judgment is coming for the human race. Hebrews 9:27 says, “Man is destined to die once and after that to face judgment.” That statement, as elementary as it might seem, is …

Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned at Christmas

November 30, 2003

EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW, I LEARNED AT CHRISTMAS by Ray Pritchard Several months ago Lou Diaz of Wheaton Evangelical Free Church suggested to me the idea of preaching on “Christmas and the Christian Worldview.” Because the coming of Christ changed history–literally, from B.C. to A.D.–we aren’t straining thi…

Unanswered Questions

November 30, 2003

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS by Ray Pritchard “I don’t know if he was a believer.” It was a statement partly of hope and partly of resignation, made after a loved one had died recently. Where is he now? How should we think about such things? This is a difficult and tender topic for many people. It would be wonderful if ev…

Christians and Muslims — What’s the Difference?

November 16, 2003

CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? by Ray Pritchard Last Tuesday night I spent an exciting hour with our Power Connection junior high ministry. They invited me for the annual “Stump Pastor Ray” question night. Because they gave me the questions in advance, I was better prepared than usual, but …

The Persecuted Church—Who Cares?

November 9, 2003

Contemporary headlines regarding the persecuted church are juxtaposed against frivolous comments of Christians who don’t care and can’t be bothered about the plight of their suffering brothers and sisters around the world.

Keep Walking

November 2, 2003

KEEP WALKING by Ray Pritchard You wouldn’t think of finding spiritual inspiration from a whiskey ad, but that’s what happened to me the other day. While leafing through the pages of a recent issue of Sports Illustrated, I came across an ad for Johnny Walker whiskey. The ad is actually a picture of a youngish man s…

When God Wants You in Kansas City

October 26, 2003

WHEN GOD WANTS YOU IN KANSAS CITY by Ray Pritchard A couple of weeks ago Bob Weller sent me a note saying that he and Denise are moving to Kansas City very soon. I was surprised to hear the news and wondered what led them to make the move. Along with his e-mail, Bob sent an attachment he called “Coincidences.” It …

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