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First Things: The Amazing True Story of How the World Came to Be (Genesis 1-11)

Hope for Tomorrow: How God Keeps His Promises

Genesis 11:10-32 – October 6, 2002

This is the 19th and final sermon in the series on Genesis 1-11 that we started in late April. Almost five and a half months later, we have come to the end. In bringing this series to a close, I feel as if I should congratulate the congregation for your patience and your perseverance because […]

The Tower That Fell: Why God Stopped the Building Program

Genesis 11:1-9 – September 29, 2002

“Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth” (Genesis 11:4). Think of it! A tower that reaches to the heavens. And we thought that we had big ambitions. […]

Many Nations Under God: A Biblical View of World History

Genesis 10 – September 15, 2002

At first glance Genesis 10 would not seem to offer much promise as a sermon text. To the untrained eye, it appears to be just one more biblical genealogy, although a closer examination reveals that it seems oddly different from the regular genealogies. From another point of view, it reads like an Old Testament phone […]

The Curse on Canaan And the Problem of Racism

Genesis 9:18-29 – September 8, 2002

It has been a long time since I addressed the topic of racism from the pulpit. The last time I devoted an entire sermon to this issue was in March, 1994. I am returning to that topic today because it is impossible to talk about Genesis 9:18-29 without considering the problem of racism. However, if […]

Living Under the Rainbow: Judgment First, Then Mercy

Genesis 9:1-17 – September 1, 2002

Let’s suppose you are a reporter assigned by your editor to cover Noah’s flood. It’s the biggest story of the ancient world, and it’s your story. So you research it and you write it up. When it’s done, you turn it in, the editor reads it, and pays you the ultimate compliment, “Let’s run this […]

But God Remembered Noah: Hope for Those Who Feel Forgotten

Genesis 8:1 – August 25, 2002

The story of Noah is very exciting until you get to Genesis 7. At that point, the story seems to get bogged down in details. There is information about the various animals brought on board, and also a very specific accounting regarding the precise dates when certain events relating to the flood took place. It’s […]

Noah’s Ark: A Picture of Salvation

Genesis 6:9-22 – August 18, 2002

The story of Noah and the Ark is more popular than ever before. Even people who don’t know the Bible and never come to church know about Noah, his big boat, and all those animals coming in two by two. Two giraffes. Two tigers. Two snails, inching forward slowly. Two rabbits. Two parakeets. Even two […]

The Days of Noah: Why God Sent the Flood

Genesis 6:1-8 – July 28, 2002

This is the first of several sermons on Noah and the flood. As we begin our study of this important event, I’d like to focus our attention on a very crucial point: If this story is true, that is, if it really happened, if there once was a great flood that covered the entire earth, […]

From Adam to Noah: Lessons from a Genealogy

Genesis 5 – July 21, 2002

I begin this sermon with a confession. In my quarter-century as a pastor, I believe this is the first sermon I have ever preached from a genealogy. There is a reason for that, which I’m sure you already understand. To most people, the genealogies are the most boring part of the Bible. If you read […]

City Life: Serving God in a Pagan World

Genesis 4:17-26 – July 14, 2002

“Without God, the more power we have the sooner we destroy ourselves; without God, the richer we are the sooner we rot.” W. L. Watkinson The first few chapters of Genesis are marked by a very clear logic that goes something like this: In the beginning God Adam and Eve The Serpent and the Temptation […]

Murder One: Why Do We Hate Each Other?

Genesis 4:1-16 – July 7, 2002

This is the story of Cain and Abel. It is a story that is so well known that many people who never read the Bible know that Cain killed Abel. It has even entered our language as a synonym for troublemaking—Raising Cain. The phrase is appropriate because this story is dark and tragic from beginning […]

Farewell to Paradise: Cast Out That We Might Someday Return

Genesis 3:20-24 – June 16, 2002

Adam could not go back and undo the original sin. And he could not stay forever in paradise. The deed was done and the wreckage was all around him. The only option left for him was to go forward. All of us have to come to grips with that sooner or later. The good news is that through Christ, The Tree of Life is waiting, the door has been opened, the Son of God has shed his blood, the price has been paid, the sacrifice made, atonement has been accomplished.

The Wages of Sin: Why Nothing Works Right

Genesis 3:7-19 – June 9, 2002

Three hundred seventy-nine days ago, Martin and Gracia Burnham were captured by Muslim terrorists in the Southern Philippines. They were staying at the Dos Palmas resort off the island of Palawan when members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (an organization affiliated with the Al Qaeda terrorist network) took them hostage. Gracia had surprised Martin with […]

Snake Eyes: The Four Stages of Temptation

Genesis 3:1-7 – June 2, 2002

The Bible makes no sense unless we understand the first few chapters of Genesis. These chapters answer a very crucial question: Where did we come from and how did we get from where we started to where we are today? The way that question is worded suggests that somewhere along the way, a massive change […]

Adam’s Rib: How God Arranged the First Marriage

Genesis 2:18-25 – May 26, 2002

Yesterday I performed a wedding ceremony for Chris Hall and Kara Hansen. It was a lovely occassion, as weddings usually are, and everything seemed to go well. As I stood on the platform with the happy couple only two or three feet away, I looked into their hopeful faces, and the same thought I have […]

Every Tree But One: Why Freedom Isn’t Free

Genesis 2:4-17 – May 19, 2002

What is freedom? Ask the question of ten people and you will get at least ten different answers. One person says that freedom is the right to get drunk every weekend. Someone else says that freedom means doing whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. To another man freedom is sleeping with as […]

Image is Everything: Highly Valued, Deeply Fallen, Greatly Loved

Genesis 1:26-28 – May 5, 2002

Upon reading these verses, the thought comes to mind that we’re not in Eden anymore. Whatever else you can say about the first chapter of the Bible, the world of the 21st century is far removed from the world of Genesis 1. Things have changed. These days we wake up every morning to find out […]

Fact or Fable in Genesis: Was the World Really Created in Six Days?

Genesis 1:1-2:3 – April 28, 2002

Did the events described in Genesis 1-11 really happen? Does it matter? The answer is yes to both questions. They really happened and it really matters because ideas have consequences. What you believe about where you came from will radically impact the purpose of your life.

“In the Beginning”: The Most Important Verse in the Bible

Genesis 1:1 – April 21, 2002

True faith must begin with the very first verse of the Bible. If you can believe Genesis 1:1, you won’t have any problems with the rest of the Bible. Truth begins with God. That’s why the Bible begins with this verse.

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