Best Commentaries
Just what its name implies. A collection of the best commentaries, with brief reviews, covering every book of the Bible.

Bible Gateway

An easy-to-use collection of many different online Bible translations. Probably the most popular Bible translation website.

A vast collection of articles covering the whole Bible. A treasure trove of free resources for Bible students, preachers and teachers.

This site carries commentaries covering every book of the Bible. Highly recommended.

Blue Letter Bible

Don’t know Greek and Hebrew? It doesn’t matter. Use this resource to check out the Biblical text in the original languages.

Bible Outlines
This site contains excellent preaching outlines covering many different books of the Bible.


A user-friendly collection of Bible study resources.

Free Bible Commentary

A huge collection of biblical resources from the ministry of Dr. Bob Utley. This site offers written commentaries along with audio and video.


The best free collection of online hymns and gospel songs. You can hear the tune, read the text, and in many cases learn something about the history behind the various hymns.

Lambert Dolphin’s Web Links

A truly dazzling array of websites, with a focus on apologetics, Bible prophecy, Bible history and the creation-evolution controversy. You could spend hours surfing from one site to another.

Metrical Psalters

Here you find metrical versions of the Psalms from several different collections, including the famous “Scottish Psalter” of 1564. Use this to sing all 150 Psalms.

Online Bible Translations

The largest collection of links to Bible translations. Not as easy to use as Bible Gateway, but it includes more translations.

Precept Austin

Want to study the Bible? Start here.

Study Light

Fine collection of commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries, devotional guides, and related resources.

Text Week

Good collection of sermon-related resources for those who follow the lectionary.

Tom Constable’s Notes

These free notes on every book of the Bible amount to a complete commentary on the Bible. And because Dr. Constable constantly updates them, these notes just keep getting better and better.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Like having an online set of cross-references. Pick out any passage in the Bible and use this website to find related passages.

Women in the Word
A new website with excellent Bible studies for women written by Marilyn Miller.

World Wide Study Bible

Organizes online resources by books of the Bible. If you studying, say, Hebrews 3, the World Wide Study Bible gives you a large list of related resources. A great time saver for Bible study.


Mark Adams

Brian Bill

Cannon Beach Online Speakers Library

Steven Cole

W. A. Criswell

Discipleship Library

Expository Sermons

Bruce Goettsche

Gospel Coalition

S. Lewis Johnson

David Legge

John MacArthur

Metropolitan Baptist Church

Phil Newton

John Ortberg

John Piper

Ivor Powell

Robert Rayburn

Ray Stedman

Lon Solomon

Richard Strauss

Geoff Thomas

Christian News Resources

Christianity Today
The web version of the highly-respected print magazine.

World Magazine
A very well-written Christian version of Time or Newsweek.

Christian Today
Not widely known in the US, this British-based website offers excellent international coverage of news issues from a Christian perspective.

Christian Post
Excellent and up-to-date coverage on Christian-related news in America and around the world.

Christian Headlines
What its name implies—a list of headlines with links to the stories.

One News Now
The American Family Association sponsors this website.

News for Christians
Emphasis on politics and cultural issues from an evangelical viewpoint.

Good place for a sensible discussion of cultural issues and an analysis of the latest news.

Family News in Focus
Sponsored by Focus on the Family, this website gives heavy emphasis to politics and cultural issues.


The Church Around the World

Assist News Service
Updating God’s work in every nation.

Compass Direct
News from the frontlines of persecution.

International Christian Concern
Assisting the persecuted church.

Mission Network News
A large clearinghouse for missionary news.

Voice of the Martyrs
Frequently updated news about the persecuted church.






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The Bible contains many names of Christ. His names tell us who he is. His names tell us why he came. His names tell us how he can help us. His names tell us why we worship him. In this devotional series you'll learn of these varied and meaning behind the names, titles and descriptions of Christ.

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