Alphabet Praise

post date: August 25, 2007
This week at Cannon Beach our worship leader was Mark Rice, pastor of a church in Kingman, Arizona. With the assistance of his son Reggie (a pastor in Sedona, Arizona) on the guitar and with the gifted Jan Klerekoper on the piano, we have had wonderful times of worship. One day Mark taught us to do Alphabet Praise. He said he learned it from a pastor friend who advised him to use it as a way of building your faith when you are going through a hard time.
O God, you are …
A – awesome, almighty, able, Abba, all-powerful, advocate, author and finisher, alpha and omega, my all in all, Ancient of Days, the Amen
B – branch, bread from heaven, big, bright
C – compassionate, cornerstone, Creator, Comforter, Christ, Captain of our salvation, close to me
D – deliverer, Dayspring, the door to heaven
E – excellent, everywhere, eternal
F – father, faithful, friend, forgiver, my fortress, Christ the fullness of God, Fountain of Living Water, Firstborn of All Creation
G – good, great, generous, gracious, glorious
H – holy, my help, heavenly, hiding place, high priest, healer, Holy Spirit
I – I AM, Immanuel, infinite, invisible, immortal, indwelling
J – just, judge, justifier, jealous, source of my joy
K – king, kind, the keeper of Israel
L – love, life, light, Lord, Lamb, Living Stone, Lily of the Valley
M – merciful, maker, Most High, Messiah, Morningstar, Mediator, Man of Sorrows
N – near, never far away
O – overwhelming, omnipotent, only begotten Son
P – Prince of Peace, provider, perfect, the pearl of great price, the ultimate promisekeeper
Q – quick to hear our prayers, the one who quietens my heart
R – radiant, Redeemer, righteous, ruler, rewarder, rock, refuge, Resurrection and the Life
S – sovereign, Savior, Sanctifier, Son, strong tower, shepherd, shield, silent
T – true, trustworthy, the teacher
U – unchanging, unequaled, ultimate
V – vast, victorious, the vine
W – wise, way, wonderful, Word of God, water of life
X – excellent, have true x-ray vision of every heart
Y – Yahweh, yearns for us
Z – zealous, the A to Z of all creation
This is the sort of devotional exercise that you can take in any direction you like. I found it uplifting to hear people calling out phrases that describe God. It actually does work the way Mark said it would. Try some Alphabet Praise today and see if it doesn’t do your soul good.


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